shutterstock_130894061Drug Addiction, A Dwindling Spiral of Physical Downfall and Mental Collapse, A Critical Issue in Fort Worth, Texas

Substance Abuse, One of Humankind’s Greatest Afflictions

In the course of human history mankind has faced many fears, epidemics, weaknesses, troubles and trials. Few of these match up to the true sadness and sorrow that goes along with drug addiction. As a whole, drug addiction is not only a physical disease, ailment, and affliction, but it is also a mental handicap, a spiritual crutch, and a personal failing. A drug addiction affects an individual in every essence and nature of his or her being, and once accrued, it is very, very difficult to cure oneself. Pockets of urban areas all across Texas and Fort Worth in particular have experienced recent surges in drug abuse statistics, drug addiction testaments, drug-related crime reports, and drug overdose deaths.

Drug Addiction, One of Man’s Oldest Troubles

Drug addiction is not a new issue. True, it has the apparency of being a new difficulty for mankind to face down, but this is not the case. In the 1960s drug abuse in the United States skyrocketed to an all time high, and different drug abuse statistics have been doubling and even tripling in the decades following, but drug abuse has been a problem for much, much longer than that.

  • Fermented beverages, or alcohol, is the oldest drug. Alcohol existed in early Egyptian civilization, and there is evidence of an early alcoholic drink in China around 7000 B.C. Ancient writings and scriptures show that lines can be drawn even in this day and age between alcohol as a drug and addiction to it.
  • Coca, the plant from which cocaine is derived, is one of the oldest, most potent, and most dangerous stimulants. Three thousand years before the birth of Christ, ancient Incas in the Andes chewed coca leaves to increase heart rate and to speed their breathing to counter the effects of living in thin, mountain air. Once the conquistadors arrived in South America, abuse of the drug for recreational purposed began.
  • Opiate-based, prescription pain pills take more lives than any other drug in the United States today, and have been doing so for the last fifteen years. Opiate pain pills are derived from basic morphine with an opium-structured base. Historical studies have found opium to be in use as far back as 3000 B.C. when it was first discovered in Mesopotamia. Inhabitants of the birthplace of civilization discovered that the seeds of the poppy plant produced astounding effects when burned as incense, and various increased levels of injecting the substance became more and more common shortly after.

Drug Abuse, Addiction, and Dependence; an Apparently “Incurable” Disease

Many individuals in Fort Worth and other parts of Texas are jumping to try and eradicate the suddenly increasing drug abuse and drug crime statistics. However, it is very difficult to accomplish this without a thorough knowledge and understanding of drugs and how they work. Most individuals who are addicted to drugs feel as if there is no way out of the trap that they have so thoroughly set themselves in. While this feeling is understandable given the severity of drug addiction and its physical and mental consequences, the feeling is not true. Addiction sets itself firmly in an individual in two different ways. If both of these aspects of drug addiction are thoroughly analyzed, addressed, confronted, worked on, and eventually eradicated it is possible for an individual to experience full, total, and complete sobriety and freedom from drug addiction. Here are the two sides to drug addiction:

Mental Reliance, Addiction to, and Need for Drugs

This is what creates the onset of drug addiction. Very few individuals become drug addicts by chance. In fact, it is quite rare for a person to accidentally become addicted to drugs. Occasionally we have the scenario of the individual who goes to the hospital for a grievous accident or injury, and comes out days later feeling a strong need to continue taking pain medications to the point where he or she develops a full-blown addiction to them. But this is not usually the case.

In most addicts, the individual initially started using drugs because of a mental difficulty or underlying issue. This could be a trouble at work that the person is having difficulty addressing, an upset or a continuously aggravating situation within the home life which is causing the person mental distress, or even a personal grievance or sense of discomfort that causes a lack of confront. All of these issues, when strong enough, can be the cause of an individual taking drugs to mask the real problem at hand. Behind every drug addict there is a reason why he or she is taking drugs. If this area is fully and completely addressed, discovered, and eradicated, then easily more than half the battle is already won.

Physical Dependence, Reliance, and Chemical Bondage of Drugs to an Individual’s Body:

Mental issues may be what causes an individual to use drugs in the first place, and mental issues may also be the reason why one goes back to drugs after being clean for a period of time, but while a drug addict, physical dependence is what causes an individual to keep using drugs despite any and all reasons not to. This maps the true dwindling spiral of drug addiction. Immediately upon using drugs for the first time, a symbiotic bond is formed between the drug chemicals and the various organs and neural receptors in the human body that the drug chemicals affect and interact with.

Physical dependence works like this:

  • An individual takes a drug substance for the first time. The drug chemicals break down within the body and begin to effect various neural receptors and blockers within the central nervous system and the brain, and a “high” is brought about.
  • Once the individual comes down off of the high, the various neural areas experience a lapse back into their original state, but still remain somewhat affected and adjusted from the drug chemicals.
  • The next time the individual takes drugs, the bodily areas, having recognized drugs from the initial dosage as being foreign and dangerous, will have built up a degree of an immunity to them. Because of this, the individual must take a higher dosage of the same drug to overwhelm the neural receptors and produce the same high feeling.
  • Fast forwarding into the future we have an individual taking more and more drugs to keep these neural receptors open. If the drug use is discontinued, the receptors will suddenly be thrown into a state of meltdown resulting in severe withdrawal effects, but if he or she keeps taking the drug then he or she will have to take more and more of the drug to keep getting the same effect.

Recovery in Fort Worth, Texas; How to Escape the Trap of Drug Addiction

Although all may seem lost when it comes to drug addiction, this is not the case. Expert, inpatient, residential drug and alcohol detoxification and rehabilitation centers exist that can smoothly and effectively assist an individual in kicking a drug addiction, for good. Inpatient rehab centers act as the front line of defense against drug addiction, and since the early 1900s they have continuously made a name for themselves as being the number one most successful approach to curing oneself of even the most severe drug addiction. For individuals in Fort Worth who are suffering with an addiction, or for families with an addicted loved one, it is strongly encouraged of these persons to seek out the help and care of a professional, private, inpatient drug treatment program.