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shutterstock_127662962Drug Addiction and Substance Abuse in Fort Worth, Texas; A Synopsis of the City, Drug Addiction, Statistics, and Potential Solutions

Fort Worth, Texas: “Queen City of the Prairies”

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Drug Addiction, Substance Abuse, and Drug-Related Crime; A Crisis in Fort Worth and Across the Country

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To understand the severity of drug abuse in the state of Texas and across the country as a whole one must really get a good idea of just how damaging drug addiction is. Several governmental entities perform research projects, surveys, studies, and tabulations of the statistics of the damages caused by drug addiction, and the increases in substance abuse trends. Here are just a few of the findings:

  • In 2000, about 16% of all Texas adults had a problem with alcohol and 5 percent had a problem with drugs.
  • Among persons in Texas enrolled in substance use treatment in a single-day count in 2012:

43.9% were in treatment for a drug problem only
13.0% were in treatment for an alcohol problem only
43.1% were in treatment for problems with both drugs and alcohol.

  • Nearly nine of every 100,000 Texans died from prescription drug overdoses in 2012, most caused by abuse of illegally obtained prescription medications.
  • The Drug Policy Alliance reports a 150 percent increase in accidental overdoses over an eight-year period in Texas.
  • 1 out of 6 of Texas teens reports having misused or abused a prescription drug in the past year.

Order online Cialis Soft 20 mg Inpatient Drug Addiction Rehabilitation Centers; the Solution to the Drug Problem

Drug addiction is a very difficult thing to address. It is very, very hard to kick a drug addiction. In fact, many individuals who become addicted to drugs never get clean from them, and instead stay addicted for the rest of their lives or die. Coming off of drugs, and more importantly, staying off of drugs takes a lot of work, effort, self determinism, and dedication. There is no quick fix to drug addiction.

  • “An inpatient rehab center offers a safe, drug-free, secluded, and secure environment where the client is surrounded by like-minded individuals who are all progressing to the same goal of sobriety. In an inpatient rehab center a client not only has the support of all the staff, the camaraderie of all the other clients, and all of the tools, counseling, and skills building that the rehab itself offers, but the individual is also given the chance to truly take a step back from his or her dangerous lifestyle and experience freedom from his or her addiction”.-Inpatient Rehabilitation Center Executive Director

Purchase generic Cialis Soft What Inpatient Rehab for Fort Worth can Do for the Drug Problem

Preventative measures to stop drugs from coming into Fort Worth are excellent. But what of the individuals in Fort Worth who are already addicted to drugs? Inpatient rehab is the answer for these persons. Inpatient rehabs are the oldest and most successful approaches to curing drug addiction, and they are the only approach o treatment to constantly keep success rates above fifty percent for the last several decades. If one is seeking help for a drug addiction in Fort Worth, it is strongly recommended to look into an inpatient rehab program.