Edgecliff Village

shutterstock_136089017Substance Abuse and Drug Addiction in Edgecliff Village, Texas; An Overview of the City, the Drug Problem, and the Potential Solutions

Edgecliff Village, Texas

Edgecliff Village is a small town in Tarrant County, Texas, United States. Edgecliff Village acts as a suburb, bedroom community, and supporting town to Fort Worth. The population was 2,776 at the United States Census Bureau’s 2010 census. Edgecliff Village is an enclave, completely surrounded by the city of Fort Worth itself.

Edgecliff Village is very similar to many of Fort Worth’s other small, supporting suburbs and residential communities. Edgecliff Village is considered a middle class community with across the boards averages in most areas as far as housing values, income per household, crime, unemployment, education, and other areas are concerned. Edgecliff Village attracts many families to it as it truly is a bedroom community. Edgecliff Village boasts quaint, affordable homes and pleasant neighborhoods. Many families move here to be as near as they can be to the hustle and bustle of Fort Worth without being right in the middle of the city itself.

Drug Addiction Sparks an Increase ion Fort Worth and the Surrounding Suburbs and Communities

In more recent years, many big cities, Fort Worth included, have experienced an interesting phenomenon. What has occurred here is that the drug dealers, traffickers, pushers, peddlers, and promoters of the inner cities have begun to run out of much of their clientele in more recent years. It has been extrapolated that this may be because of the still recent economic recession of 2008.

This cannot be proven, as it is difficult to explain and extrapolate drug trends and trade routes, but it is considered that as drug addicts generally have very poor fiscal responsibility as it is, much of these individuals in big cities could no longer afford the quantities of drugs that they had been purchasing after 2008. To continue their corrupt and illegal activities, many members of the drug trade began to expand their businesses outside of big city’s limits and into the more wealthier, suburban towns. True, it is more dangerous and more difficult to try and pedal drugs in a well protected and more middle to upper class neighborhood, but this was a risk that was taken. Today, a recent survey performed by the National Survey on Drug Abuse has shown us that middle class individuals are just as likely to purchase drugs as lower class citizens are.
Solutions to the Problem, What is to Be Done About Edgecliff Village, Fort Worth, and Other Cities with Similar Difficulties

Many steps have been taken in the form of preventative measures on this particular issue. In fact, drug crackdown agencies, DEA forces, and police forces alike have made considerable efforts in the form of prevention and protection of the city of Fort Worth and her communities. This is all very beneficial.

But what of the residents of Edgecliff Village and Fort Worth that are already sorely and completely addicted to powerful and dangerous drugs? The problem here is that if something is not done for this individuals then the preventative measures that are being taken will be all for nothing. Drug addicts will go to no end to get their fix. Drugs matter to them more so than anything else under the moon and stars. If something isn’t done for the drug addicts of Edgecliff Village and Fort Worth then it is a certainty that the addicts themselves will find some way of bringing drugs back into the community.

The solution for the individuals already addicted to drugs in Edgecliff Village and Fort Worth lies in inpatient rehab centers. An inpatient center offers all the tools and remedies one can possibly think of that are needed in fully and completely detoxing and rehabilitating an individual off of powerful drug chemicals. Inpatient rehabs have been around far longer than any other form of drug rehabilitation, and they have continuously had the highest success rates.

For Fort Worth and Edgecliff Village, given the severity of the situation at hand, it is currently being advised to all family members and loved ones of drug addicts and to the drug addicts themselves to seek out inpatient rehabilitation facilities. The lives of the individual addicts themselves and the future of the entire metropolitan area may rest in the resolution of this dire situation.

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