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shutterstock_232660906Forest Hill, Texas; a Texan Town in Review with Close Inspection of an Increasing Drug problem and Just What to Do About It

Forest Hill, Texas Summarized

Forest Hill is a suburb, bedroom community, and supporting town of Fort Worth in Tarrant County, Texas, in the United States. The population was 12,355 at the 2010 census. Forest Hill began around 1860. The community was initially called Brambleton Station and Forest Hill Village before being named Forest Hill. By 1896 the community had its first schools and was established as a suburb of Fort Worth, and it immediately began to grow in popularity as a place to live and lay down roots for people who worked in Fort Worth.

In 1905 Old Mansfield Road and Forest Hill Drive were the city’s two main roads. In 1912 citizens drilled a “crooked hole well,” the first private water system in the community. By 1925 the community had 25 residents and two businesses. Forest Hill gained a new source of water in the early 1940s. By 1944 Trentman Company and the Johnson Campbell Company began building homes. The owners of the private water system sold it to the Texas Water Company.

Today Forest Hill acts as an important suburb of Fort Worth, resting just a few miles to the Southeast of some of the city’s major business districts. In fact, Forest Hill has seen a boom in population in recent years as many Fort Worth residents have moved to Forest Hill to try and escape the constant hustle and bustle of the big city lifestyle. Forest Hill is chock full of families and working class Americans, and has been fairly undisturbed until more recently.

The Contagion and Spread of Drug Addiction and Abuse; A Serious Problem for Residents of Forest Hill, Fort Worth, Dallas, and the Surrounding Communities

Drug addiction has been on the rise all across the country. The last fifteen years in this nation have seen absolutely horrendous and unprecedented increases in substance abuse statistics, crime rates, numbers of Americans addicted, and sheer numbers of overdose deaths and accidental deaths caused by drugs. This is a truly sad situation and must be eradicated soon.

Few areas experience the sheer might of the spread of drugs and abuse of them like the suburbs of big cities do. Much of the drug trade in big cities all across the country has been slowly but surely spreading outwards from the cities themselves and into the suburban areas surrounding them.

There have been many different extrapolations as to why this has been occurring, but most are of the mind that thew reason is the simple laws of economics and business, and the expansion of any business trade. After all, as morally incorrect and unpleasant as the drug trade is, the trafficking and sale of drugs still follows the laws of economics. Demand of drugs in the United States has been increasing, and thusly more and more areas close to big cities are jumping on the bandwagon of drug abuse and addiction, with a little bit of help from the drug traffickers themselves.

Hope for the Future; Potential Solutions for the Suburban Drug Problem

Granted, this situation is a severe one. In fact, if something is not done about the spread and increase of drug addiction in this country then the nation may find itself on the edge of a full blown national crisis. However, a solution does exist. For individuals who are already heavily and completely addicted to powerful drugs the best way out of it and into a state of sobriety and recovery has always been through inpatient drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs.

In these types of rehab centers one can find total and complete peace and solace away from drugs, chock full of counseling, therapy, and rehabilitation methodologies. Inpatient rehab centers offer the highest chances of success and sobriety for any drug addicted individual.

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