Recovering From Multiple Addictions in Fort Worth

Multiple Addictions

Recovering from one addiction can be difficult. But recovering from multiple addictions at once can be even more intimidating and seem like a continual upward battle. However, the same techniques that you used to battle one addiction can be used when fighting multiple addictions as well. Today, in the Fort Worth, Texas area there are addiction treatment programs that are specifically designed to treat multiple addictions. The first steps in overcoming these addictions are up to you and are part of your overall successful recovery.  For example, some steps you should take are:


One of the first steps in overcoming an addition is accepting that you have a problem to begin with. When you have multiple addictions at once, this process becomes even more valuable and important to consider. Although admitting that you have a problem with addiction and tolerance may be embarrassing or demeaning, the ability to recover and work towards getting better is not impossible. If you can accept that you have a problem, then it is easier to find the root of the issue. From there you can work towards the process of changing your habits and getting rid of the addiction that you have.

Avoid Temptation

If you are continually surrounded by that what you are addicted to, it can be incredibly difficult to continue sobriety. And although your old lifestyle may include friends and encounters that you are most familiar with, it often takes avoiding these situations in order to not relapse. The issue with having multiple addictions is the fact that your options for finding alternatives to those temptations will decrease even more. Anything that triggers a desire for any of the addictions that you have should be avoided in order to not set off a domino-effect that could lead to relapse in any of the drugs. One way to truly avoid these temptations is through inpatient therapy. This process not only gets you away from the addiction, but it also teaches you how to not find yourself in situations that could lead to temptation.

Don’t Substitute

In the case of some addicts, the way that they beat one addiction is by trading it out with another. And while it is an accomplishment to get rid of one, it does you no good to immediately have something else that you are dependent upon. In order to truly be able to overcome multiple addictions, you will need to avoid gateways that lead you to dependencies for other drugs.

Be Realistic

Months, or even years, of drug use is something that becomes ingrained in a person, mainly because of the effects that the drugs have on their mind and body. Therefore, trying to just stop cold turkey with one drug can be something that is not logical to accomplish. Where this becomes even more difficult is when you are trying to kick multiple different addictions at one time. It is very important that you are realistic with how you believe you can get over addiction. Not only will this help your desires to be clean look more achievable, but it also is more likely that your body will be able to handle the switch to clean living. In most cases, your body will not be able to handle coming off of multiple addictions on your own. That is why inpatient therapy is recommended, in order to assure that you can consistently be monitored and evaluated for your progress.

Remain Strong

Some advice for getting over a dependency for drugs is obviously much easier said than done. Nonetheless, it is vital that you keep in mind your overall desire to break multiple addictions and get onto a better place in your life. You will be tempted and you will have cravings. However, you must use all of the methods that you have learned with beating each addiction in culmination for avoiding relapsing on multiple addictions at once. The more that you can remain strong in your goals to become clean, the easier it will become to say no in the future.

Keep in mind that addiction is a challenge that many people face on a regular basis and you are not alone. But it’s also important to remember that many people have the power to overcome multiple addictions, and you can do the same if you your will to do so is strong enough.  If you are in the Fort Worth, Texas area and need help for your addiction problems, please call today and let us help you get started on a personalized treatment program right away.

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